chromophil substance

substance chromophile

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  • chromophil substance — Nissl bodies …   Medical dictionary

  • substance — Stuff; material. SYN: substantia [TA], matter. [L. substantia, essence, material, fr. sub sto, to stand under, be present] alpha s. SYN: reticular s. (1). anterior perforated s. [TA] a region at the base …   Medical dictionary

  • chromophil — chro·mo·phil krō mə .fil also chro·mo·phil·ic .krō mə fil ik or chro·mo·phile krō mə .fī(ə)l or chro·mato·phil krō mat ə .fil or chro·mato·phile .fī(ə)l adj 1) staining readily with dyes 2) CHROMAFFIN chromophil or chromophile or chro·mato·phil… …   Medical dictionary

  • chromophil — /kroh meuh fil/, Histol. adj. 1. Also, chromophilic, chromophilous /kroh mof euh leuhs/, chromatophilic, chromatophilous. staining readily. n. 2. a chromophil cell, tissue, or substance. Also, chromophile /kroh meuh fuyl , fil/, chromatophil,… …   Universalium

  • chromatolysis — The disintegration of the granules of chromophil substance (Nissl bodies) in a nerve cell body that may occur after exhaustion of the cell or damage to its peripheral process; other changes considered part …   Medical dictionary

  • tigroid — See chromophil substance. [G. tigroeides, fr. tigris, tiger, + eidos, appearance] * * * ti·groid tī .grȯid adj 1) having a striped or spotted appearance <pathological changes in the eye resulted in a tigroid fundus> 2) being or consisting… …   Medical dictionary

  • gyrochrome — Denoting a nerve cell in which the chromophil substance is arranged roughly in rings. [G. gyros, a ring, circle, + chroma, a color] …   Medical dictionary

  • perichrome — Denoting a nerve cell in which the chromophil substance, or stainable material, is scattered throughout the cytoplasm. [peri + G. chroma, a color] …   Medical dictionary

  • stichochrome — Denoting a nerve cell in which the chromophil substance, or stainable material, is arranged in roughly parallel rows or lines. [G. stichos, a row, + chroma, color] …   Medical dictionary

  • granule — 1. A grainlike particle; a granulation; a minute discrete mass. 2. A very small pill, usually gelatin or sugar coated, containing a drug to be given in a small dose. 3. A colony of the bacterium or …   Medical dictionary

  • chromophile — ● chromophile adjectif et nom Se dit d organismes qui possèdent une grande affinité pour les matières colorantes. ⇒CHROMOPHILE, adj. BIOL. Qui fixe intensément les colorants. Anton. chromophobe (s.v. chromato ). Une zone périphérique très… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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